With hundreds of thousands of titles published each year, effectively marketing your book is essential to generate significant word of mouth and sales.  The experts at Sullivan and Partners move in step with the ever-changing media and marketing landscape, and have developed a comprehensive and effective strategy blending Social Media, Advertising, Publicity and Promotion. Our creative and memorable campaigns enable authors to effectively reach their current audience while converting new readers.  The Sullivan and Partners team possesses relationships with the largest traditional media outlets and maintains a strong relationship with a large and influential network of blogs developed by years of working hand-in-hand with them.

Leaders in book marketing and promotion, Sullivan and Partners maintains a proud legacy of working with bestselling authors, such as #1 New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks, #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day, #1 New York Times bestselling author Augusten Burroughs, Pulitzer Prize winner Stuart Diamond, Emmy award winner and bestselling author Rita Cosby, and #1 bestselling author Richelle Mead, as well as some of today’s newest bestselling stars, like Emma Chase and Katy Evans.  Our campaigns deliver results— more than 75% of the titles Sullivan and Partners have marketed have hit the Top 100 on Amazon’s bestseller list, New York Times bestseller list and/or USA Today bestseller list.  Our services are turnkey.

How does Sullivan and Partners do this?

Sullivan and Partners works with each client to develop a unique brand platform and execute a customized campaign featuring fresh and arresting design. We utilize successful strategies of Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Publicity and Promotion to create a 3-month comprehensive campaign that builds buzz (and pre-orders!) as publication nears.  This type of extended commitment is critical to our success, and difficult for most authors—or even publishers—to provide themselves.